About Apryl


My Experiences

From Sherman, Texas to Gulfport, Mississippi it's been a long, strange trip. I've dined in prestigious venues and been so poor I didn't know where next week's food was coming from.  I didn't fit into a mold and probably still don't.  Difference is, now I don't care! There's a lot of dog hair in my life now. I'm dog mama to Wilbur Bob, Willy Boy, and Phoebe KitKat Buffay.


My Writing

I still have the first book I wrote in grade school; it was about a mouse going to the dentist. My English teacher in 10th grade had the class start a journal.  Thanks to Ms. Cassell, I have been journaling many, many years now.  I write for Coast Observer and am always searching for a new outlet to pursue my passion.  I enjoy freelancing and helping businesses generate engaging, quality content.

Apryl Hall by C.Blue Photography

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